Rocketplay Responsible Gaming

When participating in online casino gambling, it is essential to remember that the main objective is entertainment. However, it is important to acknowledge that a certain proportion of individuals may struggle with self-control while indulging in gambling activities. Before commencing your gameplay, it is crucial to realize that gambling should never be perceived as a reliable source of income or a method to alleviate debts. 

It is highly recommended to maintain a comprehensive log of both the duration and the financial resources allocated to online casino endeavors daily. By doing so, you can effectively monitor and manage your gambling habits, ensuring a responsible and enjoyable experience.

If you find yourself exceeding your financial limits or if gambling begins to disrupt your daily routines, we highly recommend taking proactive steps to address the situation. It is crucial to consider implementing various measures to assist you, including establishing Personal Limits on your gaming habits, engaging in Self-Exclusion programs, and seeking guidance and support from reputable independent organizations. These actions can provide valuable assistance in managing and controlling your gambling behavior, ensuring a healthier and more responsible approach to online gaming.

Personal Limitations

To promote responsible gambling, we provide the Personal Limits feature to assist you. Within your account, you can set limits on various aspects of your gambling experience, including deposits, losses, wagers, and overall account activity. 

You have the flexibility to modify these limits at any time. If you choose to decrease a limit, the change will take effect immediately. However, increasing a limit requires email confirmation and can only be done once the previous limit of the same type has expired. This precautionary measure aims to prevent impulsive decisions. 

If you need additional information or support concerning Personal Limits, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated support team at [email protected].

Types Of Limitations

Carefully read the list of limits provided in the Responsible Gaming program to know how to use it.

Deposit Limit

This feature allows you to set limits on your deposits for different periods, ranging from one day to a month.

Wager Limit

Here you can also make limits on your bets. For example, 1 bet per day, or 10 bets per month.

Loss Limit

A restriction on the amount you can lose at the casino within a specific timeframe, such as a day, week, or month, is referred to as a loss limit. It is important to note that this limit is based on the initial deposit and not the winnings derived from the deposited amount.

To illustrate, suppose you deposit €50 and set a loss limit of €10. If you happen to win €1,000 subsequently, you can still exceed the €10 limit from your €1,000 balance because the limit is calculated based on the initial deposit rather than the winnings.

Cooling-Off Limit

You have the option to establish a Cooling-Off Period for durations of 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months. When this limit is active, you are prohibited from depositing funds into the casino, and you will be excluded from all promotional offers. 

However, you retain the ability to withdraw any remaining funds during this period. The Cooling-Off period takes effect immediately upon application to your account. 

Self-Exclusion Limit

You have the option to establish a Self-Exclusion Limit for a specific duration of time. Once implemented, your Player Account will be promptly deactivated, and you will be excluded from all promotional offers throughout the designated period. It’s important to note that while the limit is active, you will not have the ability to deposit or withdraw funds.

Request For Self-Exclusion

This is another feature that we provide to you on our website. If you realize that you are unable to restrict your access or delete your account, then you can contact our operators for help. Contact our support team by writing to the email address [email protected]. Inform us of your decision to stop gambling on the Website for a certain (3, 6, 9, or 12 months) or an indefinite period.

We will take all necessary measures to effectively block your access to your account and ensure that no advertising information is delivered to you. Please note that if you decide to exclude yourself from the casino for an indefinite period, the remaining funds on your balance will be paid by the restrictions set by the casino. 

However, if you choose self-exclusion for a certain time, the payment of the remaining funds on your balance will be made only after the expiration of the specified period of self-exclusion. We urge you to be attentive to these conditions and take them into account to avoid misunderstandings and ensure compliance with these procedures.

Protection Of Underage Users

The Casino has strict age requirements and takes extensive measures to prevent minors from registering and playing on our website. We employ various methods to identify and stop any attempts made by individuals below the legal age of 18. Proof of identity may be requested, and immediate denial of access to the website will be enforced if the player is found to be underage.

However, we acknowledge that despite these measures, the Internet’s widespread availability may still grant minors access to online casinos. Therefore, we strongly urge parents to collaborate in safeguarding their children from unrestricted access to gaming websites. Specialized software is available to assist in this matter.