RocketPlay Cricket Betting

Cricket is one of the most popular games in the world, but it still has its fans. Since cricket has its target audience, the casino offers users interesting sports betting, bonuses, and odds. RocketPlay cricket betting offers exciting cricket matches, information about the teams, and past matches. Also in honor of cricket users can receive nice bonuses and participate in promotions!

The bookmaker’s office offers both basic types of cricket betting and exclusively cricket betting. Each user can choose what kind of bet on the game to make on their own. Before the start of the match, you can choose one or more bets offered by the bookmaker’s office. 

The main sports bets that are available for Cricket are Single, Express, and Live bets. 

The bets that can be placed on cricket games. They are focused specifically on betting on cricket matches. 

  • Betting on the winner;
  • More/Less;
  • First ball/first reception;
  • Best player;
  • Best Team.

Cricket betting types explained

RocketPlay cricket betting offers

To understand which bets are more profitable for a particular match, it is worth getting acquainted with the peculiarities of certain bets. Read below about the bets you can choose for your game!

  • Single odds are bets on one result, such as one team’s victory;
  • Express – a coupon in which you can collect several results of the match. For a bet to be correct, all results need to be correct;
  • Live bets are bets that you can place during the match. Watching the game, you can make your bet, it is also worth noting that the bookmaker’s office has the right to close the bet;
  • A bet on the winner – you can bet on the team that should win the match;
  • More/Fewer Points – you can bet on which team will score a certain amount of metal;
  • First ball/first reception – this is the fastest betting option, you can bet on who will score first;
  • Best player – you can bet on which player will be the best player at the end of the match;
  • On the draw – the easiest prediction you can make at the betting shops on all the big matches. This is a bet on which team will start the first game and will be the offensive player.

How to bet on Cricket? 

Any user who is authorized can place bets on cricket

Every user who has logged in can place bets. You do not need any special actions or skills to bet. Find out the detailed instructions to start betting fast!

  1. Open the RocketPlay Australia website;
  2. Log in to your account or go through the registration process;
  3. Open the sports betting section;
  4. Select cricket;
  5. Select the match you are interested in;
  6. Refill your balance;
  7. Click to place a bet.

When the match is over, you will be notified. You can also find information about the match in the “Betting History” section.

How to bet on Cricket in the RocketPlay app? 

Any user who is authorized can place bets on cricket app

Users can bet directly on their mobile devices. Users only need to install the app on their devices and connect to the internet. Learn how to bet in the mobile app in the instructions below:

  1. Open the app on your device;
  2. Log in to your account;
  3. Under Sports Betting, open Cricket;
  4. Top up your game balance;
  5. Choose a match and click “Bet”.

Cricket betting strategy

Match analysis can be considered a cricket betting strategy

There are several approaches to analyzing the match, regardless of the format of the match. Match analysis can safely be considered a strategy for cricket betting. There are several basic factors to consider for cricket betting.

  • The results of the toss. In cricket, the turn of attack is determined by simply flipping a coin. This procedure has a big impact on the outcome of the encounter. The team that starts first gets the advantage.
  • Field Factor. The pitching coverage, where the main action takes place, varies from place to place and from stadium to stadium. Depending on the field, the ball trajectory will also vary.
  • Form of teams and players. The factor of how the teams are approaching a particular match should never be overlooked. 

Look at the information about the matches that have been played before. The factors listed – weather, ball, pitch wear, draw results, and others – greatly influence the events of the match, and a player who follows the meeting closely every day can get favorable results from the bet.

Betting Bonus at RocketPlay

RocketPlay bonuses are a great addition to a user's game

Bonuses are a great addition to the user’s game. RocketPlay pleases with a large number of bonus offers that are available to users after the registration process. For sports betting enthusiasts, a sign-up bonus is available. On your first deposit, a bonus of 200% is provided. The RocketPlay bonus expires in 1 month, so make sure you use it as soon as possible. Another bonus is also available on your second deposit. This is a risk-free bet of 10% of your second deposit. If you bet and lose, you will get your money back, as long as it does not exceed 10% of your second deposit.


Is RocketPlay cricket betting available to everyone?

No, because RocketPlay is a betting company that provides gambling services, and is available only to adult players. To start playing, users must provide their details to the administration, who will verify their age.

Do cricket betting odds vary?

Betting odds depend on the future match that will be available for betting. The odds are set by the bookmaker’s office.

Is there any chance that my data will be stolen?

No, the bookmaker’s office provides a good system of user data protection. There is also a good security system for money transfers: RocketPlay cooperates only with reliable banking partners.

Is the mobile app free?

Yes, you will not have to pay to install it. Please note that you should only install the mobile app from official sources, as only such applications will be free of viruses.

Can I bet on two accounts?

No, it is forbidden by RocketPlay policy, each player should have only one account. If you have two accounts from the same IP, you may be blocked.

Is there user support available?

Yes, there is free user support to help with questions or problems. Support is available at any time, the user can contact in any language.